Shavonne Wong

Shavonne Wong is a 3D Virtual Model Creator and an Artist in the NFT space. She was named Forbes 30U30 Asia in 2020.

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Sep 11, 2023

Shavonne Wong

Shavonne Wong is a 3D Virtual Model Creator and an Artist in the NFT space. Building on her experiences as a Fashion and Advertising Photographer for the past decade, she creates life-like virtual models and places them in surreal environments and the metaverse. Shavonne was named Forbes 30U30 Asia in 2020.

Since her venture into NFTs, she has collaborated with Vogue Singapore, Bang & Olufsen and recently sold her work on Sotheby’s. She also created a 500 pieces project, Love is Love, a reflection on the expression of love and identity that enabled its collectors to have a say in determining the generative artwork’s outcome. Notable collectors include Idris Elba.

Shavonne is also one of the Co-Founders of NFT Asia, a community of Asian artists in the NFT space.

Shavonne was named Forbes 30U30 Asia in 2020.

Can you tell us about the project you're currently working on? What inspired you to make it, how are you making it, what do you hope it achieves?

I'm currently working on a project for a museum. I'm unfortunately not allowed to speak much about it, but I'm very excited for it!

Let's dive deeper into a single work, share a work with us and let us know why you love it.

One of the works that is particularly close to my heart is "Love is Love" from my Love is Love collection. This piece holds a special place in my heart because it represents the celebration of love and identity in all its diverse forms. It's a generative artwork that allowed collectors to have a say in determining the outcome, making it a collaborative creation.

What I love about "Love is Love" is that it showcases the beauty of love by featuring different couples, representing a range of skin colors, genders, sexualities, body shapes, and sizes. It's a powerful and uplifting piece that conveys the message that love knows no boundaries and that every love story is beautiful and valid.

The process of creating this artwork was truly inspiring and heartwarming. It was incredible to see how the piece evolved and how people resonated with its message. "Love is Love" has sparked conversations, touched people's hearts, and opened up a space for dialogue about acceptance and inclusivity.

For me, this piece represents the power of art to inspire change, challenge norms, and foster unity. It reminds us that love is a universal language that transcends differences and brings us closer together.

NFT Magazine has teamed up with the Crypto Mermaids to help more people understand and celebrate cryptoart. We find there is often a technical or cultural barrier to more people appreciating your work.  What do you wish more people understood about NFTs, crypto art, or Web3 that would also help your work be properly celebrated?

What I wish more people understood about NFTs, crypto art, and Web3 is the incredible potential they hold for artists and creators like myself. These technologies provide us with new opportunities to showcase our work, connect with a global audience, and establish direct relationships with collectors.

The technology also provides verification for authenticity, provenance, and the ability to trace the history of a piece, which is something that has often been challenging in the traditional art world, especially for digital art work.

By embracing NFTs and Web3, we are not only reimagining the way art is bought and sold, but also breaking down barriers and giving artists greater control and recognition for their creations. It allows us to connect with our supporters, collectors, and other artists from around the world, creating a vibrant and diverse creative community.

I hope more people will be able to see and celebrate the innovation and creativity that these technologies bring. It opens up exciting possibilities for artists to share their stories, explore more potential with their works using the new available technology, and contribute to a more inclusive and decentralized art ecosystem.

Tell us about what your creative practice looks like. When do you work, where do you feel inspired etc.

My creative practice is basically spontaneous moments of inspiration. I typically work during the night, when the world is more quiet.

To me, inspiration can come from anywhere and at any time. It could be while watching movies, playing video games, or while exploring the world. I believe that our subconscious chooses things to remember and since so much of the world is designed by creatives, I make sure to embrace these moments and let them infuse my work with fresh perspectives and unexpected ideas.

How and when did you get into NFTs?

I got into NFTs in early 2021 when I first heard about it from my husband. He helped onboard me, which is something I'm very grateful for, as I know how steep the learning curve is.

How have your views on NFTs evolved since?

Since 2021, my views on NFTs have evolved as I've witnessed the continued growth and innovation. I now see NFTs not only as a means of financial empowerment for artists but also as a catalyst for reshaping the art industry, fostering creativity, collaboration, and ownership. Outside of art, I also believe it will be the foundation for many of the industries in our future.

What are your views on "the traditional art world" and how do you relate to it, or not?

I have a deep respect for the traditional art world and acknowledge its rich history and contributions. However, as a digital artist, I find myself naturally gravitating towards the dynamic and inclusive nature of the digital art realm.

It's important to recognize that both the traditional art world and the digital art NFT space have their own set of challenges and similarities. While the traditional art world can sometimes be characterized by gatekeeping and elitism, the lower barrier of entry in the digital art space provides more opportunities for artists to participate and showcase their work. Although it is not without its own hurdles, the digital art realm offers a chance for artists from diverse backgrounds to have a foot in the door, regardless of their location or background.

Through NFTs, I have been able to transcend geographical boundaries and traditional gallery spaces, connecting with collectors and art enthusiasts worldwide. This has allowed me to share my artistic vision and form connections with a diverse community that may not have been easily accessible within the confines of the traditional art world.

While I embrace the possibilities of the digital art space, I also acknowledge the significance of the traditional art world. It holds centuries of cultural heritage and serves as a platform for certain forms of artistic expression. I strongly believe that the digital art space can coexist and collaborate with the traditional art world, bringing new perspectives and pushing the boundaries of what is considered art. Both realms offer unique opportunities for artists to thrive and contribute to the evolving art landscape.

What are you doing to endure crypto winter?

My belief in the long-term potential of blockchain technology and its impact on our digital future helps to keep me committed through crypto winter.

In this period, I dedicate myself to creating more art and exploring new ways to express my creativity. I take the opportunity to develop my skills as an artist and experiment with different techniques and styles.


Twitter: @shavonnewong_

Instagram: @shavonne.wong

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