WISPer Open Call: Get Curated Online!

Join the MUD Verse today if you're interested in transforming the way we experience the world. Submit your work before Art Basel Miami kicks off! | Submissions due Nov 29 2023

Crypto Mermaids


Crypto Mermaids


Nov 19, 2023

WISPer Open Call: Get Curated Online!

Media Under Dystopia will open in it's initial version during Art Basel Miami.

As our interactions with machines grow, its crucial to discover and build new barriers around enticing user interfaces. The Media Under Dystopia WISPer edition is a hands-on exhibition that explores how the internet and XR can be used to democratize artistic creation, accessibility, collaboration, and critical media expansion.

The WISPer edition exhibition explores through the artist's participation and their conceptual practices how extended reality (XR) can establish new connections among diverse communities within the immersive landscape of the MUD Verse.

The exhibition is established as a co-creative lab, with the progressive activations of hands-on workshops, eTalks, and the XRCamp program. MUD aims to become a dynamic hub for online and in-person art-tech-centered collaborations.

About WISPer:

WISPer is a public art program developed by the MUD Foundation INC that merges the worlds of art, technology, and public spaces to create immersive digital art interventions that transform the way we experience the world around us. WISPer will offer a range of web-based tools and resources that make accessible to bring your intervention to the public space.

WISPer's XR metaverse is device-/interface-agnostic, making immersive digital art interventions accessible to anyone, anywhere, enabling a wider range of users with varying technological backgrounds and preferences to participate. We use WebXR, a set of tools that enables developers to create virtual and augmented reality experiences that can be accessed through web browsers.

Interested in transforming the way we experience the world? Submit your work for curatorial consideration.

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