Nygilia stands as a proficient multidisciplinary artist, deftly crafting mixed-media artworks that draw inspiration from the realms of fantasy, gaming and the rich tapestry of multicultural influences. 

Crypto Mermaids


Crypto Mermaids


Oct 4, 2023


Can you tell us about the project you're currently working on? What inspired you to make it, how are you making it, what do you hope it achieves?:

I am currently working on entering my next phase of fantasy creations as an artist. This will include more 3D and Coding ventures, allowing room for more world building, personalities, and exciting storytelling. I have always been fascinated by video games and the way they are able to elevate empathy in many ways. Some of my favorite games like Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda are always my main focus when it comes to character development and cultural representation. I am able to take parts of my own experiences and the gaming world into unique outputs. I hope to achieve my own hub and people recognize the posthumanistic and abstract design I embody. Leading the way with my main character, Alzena. Bringing her world and the many artworks I have created into one ecosystem.

Let's dive deeper into a single work, share a work with us and let us know why you love it:

Yes, of course. One of my works that is on my favorites currently is 'The Chains Are Still Here'. This was a fun experimental piece and curated as part of 'How High The Moon' Exhibition with The NFT Gallery. The reason I love this one is that it was my first time really capturing a cinematic-animated moment with AI, fantasy, surreal design, machine learning, and texture layering. I believe this piece signifies my next steps into entering more animated collections with stronger immersive presence. I also love this piece because of its deeper meaning. As a multiracial person, I have always had a deeper calling of purpose with the stories I tell and expressing love for my cultural roots. In the world we live in, humanity has a range of dark pasts and connections to generational conflicts. I called this piece 'The Chains Are Still Here' because it is true. Minorities and underrepresented voices still have an invisible chain from our past that the present continues to put into our realities. Whether it is our art, careers, wealth, etc. We still have to fight to feel appreciated. As beautiful as the piece is, it is a metaphor for our growth through the toughest times. We continue to have the will to live.

NFT Magazine has teamed up with the Crypto Mermaids: https://www.gretchenandrew.com/crypto-mermaids to help more people understand and celebrate cryptoart. We find there is often a technical or cultural barrier to more people appreciating your work.  What do you wish more people understood about NFTs, crypto art, or Web3 that would also help your work be properly celebrated?:

I wish more people would go to more events and conferences, even virtual too, and learn about the space versus people reading about it on just twitter. I believe human connections and conversations are always more valid for interpretation than any other form of information. I also believe people should just believe in the power of art and how long it has existed on earth. We should celebrate growth in that way, but also be open to have healthy, constructive criticism between one another.

Tell us about what your creative practice looks like. When do you work, where do you feel inspired etc.:

My creative practice involves a lot of repeating methods and also inviting new ones. I feel like a wizard that practices spells and tries to create new outputs too. I am always trying to see how I can always develop my craft and even learn about tools. Teaching myself and learning from others in the web 3 space. In addition, I read, watch, and play experiences that inspire my narrative. I currently have even revisited to play Final Fantasy 9 as I never beat the full game. This allows me to understand storytelling and space for character creation.

How and when did you get into NFTs?:

I got into NFTs around March 2021. The reason I started was because of an app called Clubhouse. I used to sit in tech rooms and listen to professionals talk about the industry. Then the topic of NFTs came up, and I became interested as I never sold my own art before. It was something I was willing to risk. I have never looked back since. I am forever grateful that I took that leap.

How have your views on NFTs evolved since?:

My views have changed in a sense that this is truly the best evolution for artists in our era. I think the best time to be an artist is today. In addition, It doesn't necessarily have to always be about the term 'NFTs' but more so the avenues that have been created because of its existence. I think that is what matters most.

What are your views on "the traditional art world" and how do you relate to it, or not?:

My views on the traditional art world will always be a combination of respect and pity. I think because of its elitism and heavy amount of gatekeeping, but the origins of art that defined our world exist there. It still is very much relevant and necessary for adaptation. I feel the traditional art world always has space for education, and we are seeing web 3 come into their world. It is only a matter of time and patience. Change is happening as we speak.

What are you doing to endure crypto winter?:

I am going to the gym and focusing on my health, mental and physical. I am a big believer in self-care and improving where you can grow from on a personal level. Being an artist is great and a privilege, but real-world habits matter too. Also traveling too when I can. I love visiting friends and seeing new places. During the winter, I like to stay also make sure to take time to stay connected to communities I appreciate for the support and love. Here are some below that include awesome people:

Forgotten Runes










Superchief Gallery

Wild and Newfangled


Accelerate Art


Artist Bio:

Nygilia stands as a proficient multidisciplinary artist, deftly crafting mixed-media artworks that draw inspiration from the realms of fantasy, gaming and the rich tapestry of multicultural influences. Originating from New York, her creative evolution was nurtured by a childhood immersed in basketball and video games, including iconic titles like Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda. This exposure kindled a profound affinity for the narrative power, cultural depth, and visual expression found within these realms. At the heart of Nygilia's creative output lies an exploration of the surreal and imaginative. Her artistic endeavors traverse diverse cultural landscapes and personal experiences, brought to life through an intricate interplay of mediums. By seamlessly integrating technologies like Virtual Reality, AI, 3D, and Digital Painting, she forges a groundbreaking path in generative fantasy, where characters and worlds emerge in a symphony of innovation.

An esteemed presence in international galleries and esteemed museums, Nygilia's artistic signature is one of avant-garde distinction. Her evocative compositions beckon viewers to embark on an introspective journey into otherworldly realms. Each pixel offers a lens through which to explore the abstract embodiment of cultural narratives. In her hands, art transcends its conventional bounds, ushering in an era of captivating dialogue between imagination and observer.

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