f l a t

Crypto Mermaids


Crypto Mermaids


Sep 11, 2023


Title of work: f l a t

Year produced: 2023

Artist Bio

(crypto) artist, exhibiting everywhere from Time Square to actual space.

Exploring academic research, 3D printed and augmented street art, traditional drawing and painting, virtual reality, animation, code and music, Jæn has turned into a full-time crypto artist at the end of 2020, carving his place in the best collections, projects and curated platforms such as SuperRare or Fake Rares.

Psychedelic & surreal aesthetics, storytelling and taking a place in the crypto zeitgeist and mostly the Digital Renaissance, are all foundations of his work.

What do you want our readers to know about this artwork?

Inspired by frequent burn-outs by the people who live in cryptotime, f l a t is about the psyche's "bottom", when all is left is going up again.When darkness goes from uneasy to comfortable silence.

How would you describe this artwork to someone who is blind?

The piece is a hybrid of handmade and AI art, animated by hand, with a dash of glitch art. The flat tyre character and his psyche's symbolised as a slowly dancing coral clash with their vibrant colours against a dark, utterly digital background. With a subtle parallax, it loops between a slightly claustrophobic yet intimate close-up, and a wider view feeling more like the "problem" was not as big as it seemed. The soundtrack's glitches are synchronised with visual glitches.

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