Ellie Pritts: In The Screen I Am Everything

Bitforms gallery is pleased to announce that NFTs exhibited in Ellie Pritts: In The Screen I Am Everything will drop today on Zora.

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Crypto Mermaids


Sep 11, 2023

Ellie Pritts: In The Screen I Am Everything

bitforms gallery NY 131 Allen Street New York, NY 10002 bitforms.art

NFTs drop on Zora: Thursday, July 13

Twitter Space: Thursday, July 27 at 1:00pm ET

Exhibition Dates: June 29 – August 5, 2023

bitforms gallery is pleased to announce that NFTs exhibited in Ellie Pritts: In The Screen I Am Everything will drop today, July 13 on Zora. While the show remains on view in NYC through August 5, a Twitter space to review the exhibition is scheduled for Thursday, July 27.

About the Drop:

A series of six videos sold with NFT registration are on view throughout the space, further evincing Pritts’ glitch processes. This series of layered video has both a background and foreground, simultaneously presenting a layer of analog feedback below mythological dreamscapes.

This collection acts as a through line of Pritts’ recurrent technique of integrating her own video and photos with advancing AI systems. Pritts moves between virtual and physical space with an electrifying similitude that invites the viewer to glimpse into her interior world.

The colors and imagery within this exhibition stem from Pritts’ own experiences of synesthesia and offer a liminal, technicolor universe where both daydreams and reality occur. Each video explores a mystical study on the divine feminine through a lens of mindfulness and androgyny. While she challenges herself to a broader self-understanding, Pritts hopes to inspire viewers to try on an expansive mindset.

In the Screen I am Everything is the title video from where the exhibition gets its name. As a metaphor and attitude for much of Pritts’ work, the video celebrates the screen as a playground without the boundaries of physical reality. In creating this video, Pritts first filmed herself in front of a green screen. Text prompts from her journals were combined with AI and used to generate the environments of each scene. In these varied states of being, the artist embodies different characters. While the title of this artwork alludes to the possibility and potential of digital space, In the Screen I am Everything is presented as a possibility, a call for presentness and potential.

Founded in 2001, bitforms gallery represents established, mid-career, and emerging artists critically engaged with new technologies. Spanning the rich history of media art through its current developments, the gallery’s program offers an incisive perspective on the fields of digital, internet, time-based, and new media art forms.

For press inquiries, please contact info@bitforms.art or call (212) 366-6939.

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