Rebecca Kontosic

"I wish more people understood Web3 = ownership and community."

Crypto Mermaids


Crypto Mermaids


Feb 19, 2024

Rebecca Kontosic

Do you have a job title for your role in NFTs, Web3, and Crypto Art? If not, what is an approximation or newly invented title that sums up what you do?

Web3 Consultant, Founder, VC Fundraiser

How would you describe what you do to a friend who isn't in this world?

I help strong companies secure funding and top tier partnerships in the industry, I lead marketing for a large cryptocurrency exchange, and mostly I help brands learn and understand Web3, I have an NFT collection.

Are you associated with an organization, company, gallery etc?

Lotl, Bitget, Dark Capital, previously BIC and Inkbox

NFT Magazine has teamed up with the Crypto Mermaids to help more people understand and celebrate cryptoart. We find there is often a technical or cultural barrier to more people appreciating work in this space. What do you wish more people understood about NFTs, crypto art, or Web3 that would also help greate work be properly celebrated?

I wish more people understood Web3 = ownership and community.

For me, it's about the technology and the importance of blockchain. We are all entirely dependent and 24/7 connected to the internet, and most of us can't even explain how it works. Creators and artists in particular are at high risk not having ownership over their content and work they put online. Web3 and NFTs can change that. It's more about making the internet a safer more accessible place. At the same time, they are cute. If we are progressing civilization through entertainment and good vibes, this is a place and community where I want to be.

What have you done in Web3, NFTs, or Cryptoart that you are most proud of and excited to share with our readers?

We've raised over 50 million in the last 18 months to help companies grow, I've launched a 4k NFT collection and created a Web3 community.

What are you currently working on?

Raising funds, helping companies with partnerships, and growing the success of the NFT collection.

How and when did you get into NFTs?

I'm new. Mid 2021 I started seriously paying attention to NFTs, as most of the world did, and I fell in love with the concept of community pushing value of assets, never looked back since.

How have your views on NFTs evolved since?

The stages of going normie to maxi: there's no way this is real... ok so it's valued based on art and community... and NFT can encompass your digital identify but blockchain is also a verifiable system... what else can be an NFT? University degrees? Airline tickets? Anything that is verified to me?!

Journey of jpegs to art to oh wait, NFTs are more?

What are your views on "the traditional art world" and how do you relate to it, or not?

Being an artist can really suck. You can spend your entire life creating, just for your work to matter after you die. What if it was verifiable, what if artists can perpetually earn royalties on their work? It's incredible to think if I sell a painting today for $20 and in 10 years it sells for 50 million, I would get $0 from that sale. I believe in technology empowering the traditional art world, making it more reputable and safer to be an artist, broker, and a buyer. Art is art, but the process should be better.

What are you doing to endure crypto winter?

Building! The silence of winter means focused time and energy on creating the future of web3 and crypto. This is where the projects and teams come out stronger! Bull runs are exciting, but unsustainable. It's healthy to see fluctuations after such an unhealthy boost of growth (although fun), it proves maturing of our space.

What is an NFT you love and why do you love it?

A Kid Called Beast is a really great community and collection. Their art is similar to Superlotl that we are both fully 3D, their team is in Canada, and their community remains one of the strongest to have launched during the bear.

Rebecca Kontosic

About Rebecca Kontosic

Rebecca Kontosic is a pioneer in the Web3 domain, known for her innovative approach and commitment to expanding the industry's horizons since 2020. With a focus on blockchain technology, NFTs, and community building, Rebecca has been instrumental in bridging the gap between traditional business models and the emerging digital landscape. Past work includes Founder of NFT collection Superlotl, working with major brands including BIC, Inkbox, Smiley, Walmart, Crayola, 3M, and helping raise over 50 million USD since 2022 alongside her team at Dark Capital. Her leadership and vision have played a crucial role in shaping the future of Web3.

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