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Crypto Mermaids


May 27, 2023

Paloma Rincon

Title of work: Genus

Year produced: 2022

Artist Bio

Born in Mexico and based in Madrid, Paloma Rincón is a visual artist playing with the boundaries of the physical and the digital worlds. Paloma creates lens-based artworks through a combination of practical techniques. In her work she explores perception through physical works that seem to be digitally created

synesthetic depictions with a deep use of textures, light and colour toying with the real and the unreal, often revealing a portion of reality that is not seen by the naked eye. Her process undergoes a big dose of experimentation, frequently seen in the BTS videos of her projects to be completed after a very detailed digital postproduction phase. Her work ranges from artistic personal projects to commercial assignments for worldwide brands and respected editorial publications. Paloma also travels around the world sharing her work and process in international speaking engagements.

What do you want our readers to know about this work?

Genus (latine for gender) is a project portraying the wide spectre of gender represented through the flower reproductive system. This is a series of 10 images that approaches the topic by showing the diversity of a wide variety of specimens through super high-resolution close-ups focusing on their sexual organs.

How would you describe this artwork to someone who is blind?

The images feature the central part of the flower as the hero element, the female reproductive system, the carpel, together with the male stamen, and petals. The subjects are shot interacting with liquids and colored lights using macro photography, revealing a world that the naked eye can’t see, as big as to recognize the cell structure and the fascinating world hidden inside of them. Adding an extra level of abstraction to scale, liquids work as a lens that distorts and augments what is seen through transparency, and coloured lights will paint the shapes with unusual shades and tones that mix with the flower ́s own. The resulting images show the beauty of nature from a unique point of view.

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