Opening Event: William Mapan (Intimacy)

Verse is proud to present as its 5th edition of Verse Solos, an exhibition of works by William Mapan. Opening Event on Tuesday 3rd Oct, 6pm, London: William Mapan in conversation with Melanie Lenz (digital curator V&A). 

Crypto Mermaids


Crypto Mermaids


Oct 7, 2023

Opening Event: William Mapan (Intimacy)

‘Creating is a journey through myself, and I cherish the moments where I’m in my flow with just the will to create. ’ William Mapan

Opening event
Tuesday 3rd Oct, 6pm

On View
4 - 8 Oct 2023
4 Cromwell Place, South Kensington
London SW7 2JE


Mapan’s most recent work marks a turning point within his practice. As an artist who has become prominent within the digital realm, he stands out as one of the most masterful coders and creators of our time.

Intimacy features two new series from two new algorithms that consider the relationship between the artist and the computer in creating generative art. They call on the viewer to contemplate the way in which artist and computer collaborate in the creation of art today, as well as the extent to which preconceived ideas about physical art influence us when critiquing digital artworks.

Mapan is known for his distinctive flair, and his works in these series deliberately distance themselves from compositions with polished finishes. Rendered purely through code prompts, they explore the imperfections of seemingly arbitrary sketches, comprising lush and playful representations of primary paint materials. In these series, Mapan purposefully creates an organic aesthetic suggestive of analogue methods. As a nostalgic ode to childhood’s untainted creativity, the works’ textures suggest the use of mediums such as crayons, felt-tip markers, and coloured pencils. The intention to recreate the effects reminiscent of paint, to channel the tactile – the subtle smudges, the soft brushstrokes, and the hushed nuances – is an endeavour that underlines his commitment to infusing the digital with an almost tangible materiality.

About the artist

William Mapan is a digital art pioneer, currently based in Paris. With a background in software development, he combines computer science with his passion for pigment, light and texture. Frequently alternating between different mediums, Mapan relies on creativity, chance and the exact shades of lightness within each of the works. Mapan codes, creates, and teaches at Gobelins, l’école de l’image in Paris.

About the curator

Melanie Lenz is the curator of Digital Art at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Based in London, she has over 20 years’ experience of curating, commissioning, and delivering creative projects. She has convened conferences on art, design and new technologies for health and has initiated art partnerships with a variety of organisations including Great Ormond Street Hospital. She is also a judge for the Lumen Prize.

Verse Solos

'Verse is a marketplace for the world's best contemporary art NFTs.'

Verse is a platform to collect digital artworks minted as NFTs. Artworks are offered directly from the artists through exhibitions curated by leading art world figures. Collectors can also buy and sell works through a secondary marketplace.

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