Mud Foundation ignites Miami Art Week with Tech-Art Fusion

Mud Foundation kicks off Miami Art Week with the opening of Media Under Dystopia WISPer Edition, a hybrid exhibition featuring artists working at the intersection of art and technology | Opening November 29th

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Nov 19, 2023

Mud Foundation ignites Miami Art Week with Tech-Art Fusion

The MUD Foundation announces Media Under Dystopia WISPer edition, an extended reality exhibition featuring projects by artists that delves into the relationship between the internet, extended reality (XR), and the democratization of art creation. 

The exhibition will open with an opening reception, on November 29th at 7pm, (RSVP) which will kick off the Miami Art Week, when Miami becomes the center of the art world with over 20 art fairs, 1,200 galleries and thousands of artists and art lovers in town. The show will run online for six months until June 30, 2024.

A hybrid exhibition with 25 local and international artists

The WISPer edition combines physical and internet based artworks by 25 artists, exploring the internet as extension of their current practices. Visitors can experience and engage with artworks both in person and in a virtual realm, becoming active participants in the artworks themselves. This concept lies at the heart of the MUD Foundation's mission, to facilitate educational and artistic projects that foster awareness of contemporary digital culture and its impact on society.

The participating artists in the exhibition include Gretchen Andrew, Connie Bakshi, Martin Carrillo, Leo Castaneda, Dhiren Dasu, Laurence de Valmy, Richard Garet, Jose Hernandez, Lans King, Rodolfo Peraza, Amelie Schläeffer and Ariel Baron-Robbins, alongside LOOP artists in residence: Angie Amaro, BBraio, cha, Wenjun Chen, AdrienneRose Gionta, Inbar Hagai, Ibuki Kuramochi, Joelle McTigue, Zhou Peng, Denis Rovinskiy, David Sainté, Ryan Seslow and Match Zimmerman.

The exhibition will run virtually on the MUD Foundation metaverse (MUD Verse) and on, two XR platforms developed by the organization to host exhibitions and educational programs over the internet. These platforms feature real-time interaction and XR interfaces, utilizing augmented and virtual reality through a web browser. 

Since its launch in 2018, the MUD Foundation XR (XRCamp) programs have been featured by the Perez Art Museum Miami, De La Cruz Collection and Bakehouse Art Complex, among other institutions. In 2022, MUD Foundation received the Knight Foundation New Work Award for the development of the exhibition program Media Under Dystopia.

This exhibition unveils the WISPer program, a community based initiative at the forefront of transforming the digital and artistic landscape. "At the heart of WISPer is the exploration of how extended reality and internet hotspots can weave new connections among diverse communities within the immersive landscape of our MUD Verse," says Rodolfo Peraza, artist and founder of the MUD Foundation.

WISPer, derived from ‘Wireless Internet Service Provider’ (WISP) and the word 'whisper,' embodies the essence of MUD's vision. The exhibition introduces a WISP network enveloping the MUD Foundation venue and extending beyond, fostering accessibility to all communities to engage with MUD's exhibition program and community partner initiatives. The WISPer edition unfolds as a co-creative lab, featuring progressive activities such as hands-on workshops, eTalks, and the XRCamp program. MUD aspires to evolve into a dynamic hub for art-tech-centered collaboration, both online and in-person.

Lans King, Brainwave Generated Sculpture Prototype No. 11: Tomorrow, Digital, 2023

About MUD Foundation:

An art-tech centered nonprofit organization dedicated to the exploration of art, technology, and education, the MUD Foundation is focused on expanding the possibilities when the internet, data, extended reality (XR), and art intersect. MUD was founded as a 503(c)1 organization in 2018 by the Cuban-born, US-based media artist Rodolfo Peraza to create art + tech programs and foster the media art community in Miami and beyond.

The MUD Foundation programs have been featured in local, national, and international venues, including the SIGRAPH,  Perez Art Museum Miami, De La Cruz Collection, and Bakehouse Art Complex, among other local institutions. In 2022 MUD Foundation received the Knight Foundation New Work Award for the development of the exhibition program Media Under Dystopia.

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