Marigoldff: Giusy Amoroso

Giusy Amoroso, also known as Marigoldff, is an Italian Digital Artist, Art Director, and co-founder of IOR50 Studio, based in Berlin, Germany.

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Sep 11, 2023

Marigoldff: Giusy Amoroso

Giusy Amoroso, also known as Marigoldff (@marigoldff on Instagram and Twitter), is an Italian Digital Artist, Art Director, and co-founder of IOR50 Studio, based in Berlin, Germany. With a diverse educational background, including a Bachelor's degree in Product and Public Design in Italy, and a Master's in Computer Graphics with a focus on CGI and VFX design for film post-production, Giusy is a multi-talented artist. Giusy's work is characterized by her exploration of organic shapes and alternative representations of reality, drawing inspiration from the structure and form of nature, which has become a hallmark of her work. Her pieces often present viewers with surreal, otherworldly landscapes inhabited by fantastical creatures. She also explores the relationship between humans and technology, constantly researching alternative representations of human anatomy and how technology can change and enhance the human experience. Through her work, she challenges viewers to consider the increasingly blurred line between technology and humanity and its possibilities for the future. Giusy employs a range of techniques, including Virtual Reality, 3D sculpting, and 3D animation, and creates advanced solutions brought to life with both real-time and biased render engines. She has collaborated with clients such as Harper's Bazaar, Riot Games, Nike, Afterlife, Anyma, Reebok, Cartoon Network, Sony Music, Nike SB x Travis Scott, MISBHV and many more.

Can you tell us about the project you're currently working on? What inspired you to make it, how are you making it, what do you hope it achieves?

Hi! —ฅ/ᐠ. ̫ .ᐟ\ฅ —

Currently, I'm involved in several exciting projects. I’m honored to be involved in the Avaissance program, which represents an exceptional opportunity for artistic growth. Out of more than 1,500 applications, I was selected for this artist-in-residence initiative launched by the Avalanche Foundation. The program aims to support digital artists and drive growth within the Avalanche NFT ecosystem. It’s an incredible opportunity that I’m grateful to be a part of.

My main objective within this program is to create a series of seven artworks that will be released as an exclusive NFT collection on the Avalanche blockchain. To bring this project to life, I will be focusing primarily on utilising 3D sculpting and 3D painting techniques. While I’m unable to disclose the specific details of my work and concept at this stage, I’m truly excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. This project represents a personal exploration of themes and aesthetics that hold great significance to me as an artist.

I'm also currently working on an art installation that will be exhibited at the upcoming Videocittà festival in Italy in the summer. I’m particularly thrilled about the opportunity to showcase my art to a local audience and connect with fellow art enthusiasts in my home country.

While I can't disclose specific details about the installation at this stage, I’m definitely excited to share my work with the diverse and discerning audience that attends Videocittà and participating at the festival allows me to contribute to Italy's cultural landscape and connect with fellow artists and professionals.

Exoskeleton by Marigoldff

Let's dive deeper into a single work, share a work with us and let us know why you love it

One of my projects close to my heart is PolyPixos, a Web3 native project co-founded with the Artist Exitsimulation, that combines elements of digital art, character design, immersive experiences, and world-building. PolyPixos is a hybrid species inhabiting an alien universe called the Polyverse, consisting of multiple dimensions.

PolyPixos holds a significant place in my artistic vision, as it represents my passion for creating art that explores alternative or parallel realities. It goes beyond aesthetics, embodying themes that hold great importance to me as an artist.

What sets PolyPixos apart is its underlying mission: to assist humanity in overcoming individual and collective traumas, fostering global balance, and maintaining dimensional equilibrium. This mission infuses the project with purpose and reinforces the idea that art can be a catalyst for positive change.

Through the PolyPixos project, my goal is to evoke deep contemplation and stimulate discussions surrounding consciousness, alternate realities, and the intricacies of multidimensional systems.

The integration of technology as a bridge between the real and virtual worlds adds an exciting dimension to PolyPixos. It allows me to push the boundaries of artistic expression and embrace the potential offered by Web3 technologies.

NFT Magazine has teamed up with the Crypto Mermaids to help more people understand and celebrate cryptoart. We find there is often a technical or cultural barrier to more people appreciating your work.  What do you wish more people understood about NFTs, crypto art, or Web3 that would also help your work be properly celebrated?

As a female artist in the world of Digital art, NFTs and Web3, I occasionally encounter technical and cultural barriers that can hinder broader appreciation of my work. To ensure my art and the work of other female artists is properly celebrated, it would be beneficial for more people to understand Empowerment for Female Artists.

Acknowledging and supporting female artists within the crypto art community promotes inclusivity and diversity. By actively engaging with and promoting their work, we can create a space that celebrates the contributions and voices of all artists. ❤

Tell us about what your creative practice looks like. When do you work, where do you feel inspired etc.

In my creative practice, I approach each art piece with a fresh perspective, embracing the uniqueness of every project. I don't rely on a fixed creative process, as I believe that the approach should be tailored to the specific needs of each artwork.

Extensive research is a crucial starting point for me. I delve deep into relevant literature, immerse myself in documentaries, and explore various media forms. This research serves as a foundation, providing valuable insights and inspiring me to explore innovative ways of visualizing my subject.

Once I have a solid understanding of the project's background and context, I let my intuition guide me. I trust my artistic instincts to lead me in the right direction, allowing me to break free from conventional thinking and experiment with new techniques. Pushing the boundaries of what is possible is essential to my creative process.

As an artist, my ultimate goal is to challenge people's perception of reality. I want to make viewers question what is real and what is not, exploring the blurred line between the physical and the virtual world. I draw inspiration from a diverse range of sources. Renowned figures like Ernst Haeckel, with their imaginative depictions of alien plant and animal life, have greatly influenced my creative process. Terence McKenna's perspective, suggesting that our world is only a fraction of what truly exists, has profoundly impacted my worldview and artistic vision. Additionally, the dark and surreal art of H.R. Giger has left a lasting impression on me, inspiring my exploration of sci-fi and fantasy themes.

How and when did you get into NFTs?

My journey into the world of NFTs began in 2020 when a fellow artist and friend introduced me to them. Initially, I approached NFTs with a hint of skepticism. However, driven by curiosity, I embarked on a thorough research and study process to fully understand the technology and its potential.

As I delved deeper into the NFT space and immersed myself in various communities, I quickly realized the transformative power of this technology and

In early 2021, I minted my first NFT on the Foundation platform, marking a significant milestone in my journey as an artist in the NFT space. Since then, I have continued to explore and embrace the world of NFTs and web3, witnessing its growth and evolution firsthand.

How have your views on NFTs evolved since?

Since my initial introduction to NFTs in 2020, my views and experiences within the NFT space have undergone a significant evolution. As I delved deeper into the world of NFTs, I discovered a multitude of platforms and opportunities to showcase my artwork.

I have had the privilege of releasing my art on platforms such as SuperRare, Nifty Gateway and Foundation. Seeing my creations appreciated and collected by individuals from around the world has been both humbling and inspiring. It has solidified my belief in the power of digital ownership and the direct connection between artists and collectors facilitated by NFTs.

In one particular collaboration with the artist Anyma on SuperRare, we utilized the K21 KSPEC Protocol to mint the full definition NFT on the blockchain. This collaboration was a testament to the innovative possibilities that NFTs offer, combining artistic expression with cutting-edge technology.

In addition to releasing my artwork, I embarked on an exciting journey by creating my own NFT project called PolyPixos. This ongoing project has allowed me to fully express my artistic vision and explore the realms of character design, digital art, and world-building. I am dedicated to continually developing and expanding this project to captivate and engage audiences.

Recently, I was accepted into the Avalanche Residency program. Although I am just getting started with the residency, I am incredibly excited about the opportunities it presents. The program not only provides support and resources for my artistic growth but also connects me with a vibrant community of digital artists and collectors within the Avalanche ecosystem.

Throughout my NFT journey, I also have had the privilege of collaborating with other artists and musicians on joint releases, and I firmly believe that collaboration is key to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression within the NFT space.

What are your views on "the traditional art world" and how do you relate to it, or not?

I view the "traditional art world" and the NFT space as distinct yet interconnected realms of artistic expression.

The traditional art world, with its long-established institutions, galleries, and art markets, has played a significant role in shaping art history and fostering artistic talent. It carries with it a sense of legacy, craftsmanship, and the appreciation of physical artworks. The deep-rooted traditions and cultural significance attached to the traditional art world cannot be understated.

On the other hand, the emergence of NFTs and the digital art revolution have brought forth new possibilities, challenging traditional notions of art ownership, distribution, and access. The digital medium offers unparalleled opportunities for creativity, interactivity, and global reach. NFTs have democratized the art space, allowing artists to directly connect with collectors and receive recognition for their work.

Rather than viewing these two worlds as opposing forces, I believe in embracing their coexistence and exploring the synergies between them.

What are you doing to endure crypto winter?

In the face of "crypto winter," I remain committed to my artistic journey and the continuous development of my craft. While the market fluctuations and shifts in the crypto space may impact certain aspects of the industry, my focus remains steadfast on keeping creating fantastic worlds and realities.

Rather than allowing external factors to dictate my creative process, I believe in the power of resilience and persistence.

Ultimately, my dedication to my art and my unwavering commitment to self-improvement and growth serve as my foundation to endure any challenges that may arise during the so-called "bear market." I believe in the long-term potential of the crypto art movement, and I am confident that by staying true to my artistic vision and remaining proactive in my pursuits, I can navigate through any temporary downturns and continue to thrive as an artist.

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