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Crypto Mermaids


Aug 2, 2023


Title of work: Block707

Year produced: 2022

Artist Bio

Mari, best known as "MadMaraca" is a World Builder, Voxel artist and 3D designer with over a decade of experience in digital art. Her main expertise is voxel art ( which is essentially 3D pixel art). Mari creates micro worlds/dioramas with intricate details and through her work, she combines architecture, culture and nature by creating unseen fantasy worlds for her audience to explore and discover. Mari's work has been featured in many exhibitions both IRL and in the metaverse, such as the "Influences" show, a physical/Virtual art show in Brooklyn New York. "DART 2121" Milan Italy, "Crypto Art Fair" Abu Dhabi international expo- UAE and many more. Her work also has been on billboards to display in Times Square, New York, Los Angeles and Shibuya, Tokyo.

What do you want our readers to know about this work?

Block 707 is an advanced floating metropolis situated in an isolated corner of the universe. Built in a cube-shaped form, it is an independent and heavily guarded city, with a population of human, mechanical and robotic citizens from all over the multiverse. It is filled with towering, neo-futuristic skyscrapers and the most advanced cyber-tech of the 21st century. The inhabitants are free to explore the many clubs, holographic casinos, and power-suited brawls that take place in the city s numerous districts. It is a city of secrets, of hidden alleyways and winding pathways that lead to the darker corners of the city, where the underworld of crime and gangs operate. It is a place where anything is possible, a place where dreams can be made, and realities are re-shaped.

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