The Web3 manga project signs with major Japanese publisher KADOKAWA

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Dec 23, 2023


December 10, 2024

LIFE of HEL (LOH), founded in 2021 by Jul Giulianelli / script developed by NONE since 2011 is a web 2.5 manga project available on ETHEREUM & CRONOS with

LOH has partnered with major Japanese publishing house Kadokawa for a pilot run of the first volume to be sold for $ 9.99 in Kadokawa’s online platforms (international shipping) in Singapore and Malaysia

Physical publishing and endorsement of LOH cover with the Kadokawa logo opens the door to further publishing negotiations worldwide

LIFE of HEL: MultiChain Manga Project endorsed by Publishing Giant Kadokawa LIFE of HEL (LOH) is set to become a NextGen manga franchise on a global scale powered by Web3 technology. After successfully launching on Ethereum and Cronos,the first step to global physical representation is a pilot run of Volume 1 with Japanese publishing powerhouse Kadokawa under its South Asia subsidiary,Kadokawa Gempak Starz. Volume 1 will be sold in Singapore and Malaysia via e-commerce platforms.

LIFE of HEL is extremely proud to officially announce the first physical publishing partnership since its inception. For over a decade, the story about the Grim Reaper, HEL, has been in a drawer and waiting to see the light of day. After discovering sketches on social media in 2021, LOH project founder Jul Giulianelli connected with the Mangaka NŌNE for the first time. The then 30-year-old Giulianlli was taken aback by the narrative and quality of character development within the script and saw enormous potential for LIFE of HEL. They came to an agreement, that the Italian would assemble a team to flip the script on the traditional publishing industry approach and self-publish this gripping tale for manga and anime fans from all around the globe to enjoy. While self-funding the initial foundation of the endeavor, sourcing inkers, and producing the first Volume, Jul’s business plan always foresaw a web 2.5 project with a clear desire to pursue physical publishing as it was seen as the pinnacle foundation for establishing long-term success. Now, LIFE of HEL will be published with Kadokawa, a major publishing conglomerate from Japan. After initiating the full scale Web3 operability on both the Ethereum and Cronos blockchain with launchpad partner, the young financial analyst residing in Doha already sought communication with major publishing conglomerate Kadokawa in Japan which was founded in 1945. Their commitment to fostering creativity and engaging storytelling led them to become a leading publisher in the world of manga and light novels over the decades. Thanks to this partnership, LOH has the chance to unlock boundless potential while onboarding new people to Web3. The physical publication is critical to achieve this.

“Coming from Web3 you are met with a lot of skepticism within ‘Web2’ manga and anime communities. This is why our first pilot run with Kadokawa is a monumental step for the LOH franchise, not just in terms of credibility but also regarding access to new communities. We will be looking to unlock this potential step-by-step in the months to come.” - LIFE of HELWeb3 project founder, Jul Giulianelli

LOH is the new kid on the block with a unique angle in terms of utilising Web3 tech while building a close-knit manga and anime community. The initial deal with Kadokawa consists of a pilot run, which will be sold in Singapore and Malaysia via Kadokawa e-commerce platforms (global shipping possible). While 2024 will become a pivotal year for LOH with the production of multiple volumes in the pipeline and other puzzle pieces ranging from gamification and animation forming, Web3 will be where the community is assembled. The goal is to increase the percentage of manga and anime enthusiasts within the community considerably in the next 12 months.

Vol. 1

LIFE of HEL Plot

The plot is inspired by legendary series such as One Punch Man and revolves around the troubles of the Grim Reaper HEL.

The Grim Reaper - HEL - has spent eternity bringing life to an end, but it seems he’s finally met his match. For a few hundred years, he’s been pursuing a rogue soul named REJI, a young shaman who avoided death during an attack on his village and now won’t rest until he’s had his revenge. Over theyears he’s escaped and outwitted HEL, while HEL has caused more trouble trying to kill him.Activating volcanoes, plagues, and storms alike, he’s killed everyone but the intended target and theGods have had enough. They retire HEL and send him to live in the human world, but that won’t stop him. Whether it’s a new reaper, a part-time job, or a bad boss, HEL won’t rest until he takes downREJI... Will HEL finally be able to reap the soul he needs to appease the gods in the hope they'll let him continue to do what he does best?

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