Feral File X The Blind Gallery: Vistas Edition

One catch to collecting...the artist's identities remain a secret until the show's grand finale.

Crypto Mermaids


Crypto Mermaids


Sep 11, 2023

Feral File X The Blind Gallery: Vistas Edition

This collection of generative works explores natural landscapes and digital algorithms, and how "computer" creations redefine reality, adding depth and dimension to their beauty. The works range from Japanese Sumi-e stylization to echos of Renaissance etching to fairy-tale-like scenery, delving into what the variety of meaning landscape evokes.

The Blind Gallery aims to put the work at the forefront by showcasing artworks without relying on the hype of celebrity or trend as the artists are revealed only after the collection process. During this week-long digital show, the art, the inspiration, and the technology used will reveal hints about the creators along the way.

Mystery artist reveal:

read about it on Blind Gallery
more on Vistas Edition here

Curator Statements:

“There are thousands of ways to celebrate landscapes in the generative art world. Each artist sees the world differently, and once the machine is involved, unexplored visions surge. I’m really proud of this show, where talented artists – all connected by their love of scenery and organic expression – came together and produced stunning landscapes.” - Kahlo, Curator for Blind Gallery

“As part of my creative coding teaching practice, I’ve noticed how many of my students develop a strong interest and curiosity for generative landscapes. For that reason, I was keen to put on a show with some of the finest scenery creators of this space.” - Casey Reas, Curator and co-founder of Feral File

Pre-sale: 31st Aug

Public sale: 1 September

Exchange period: 2-5 September

Artist Reveal: 6 Sept

Feral File commissions curated exhibitions of digital artwork and partners with artists and institutions to explore new ways of exhibiting
and collecting. Evolving from the art gallery and digital publishing models, Feral File borrows the best traits of each to inform a new kind
of art space. Feral File works in tandem with a community of technologists, new media artists, collectors, and curators to redefine and
frame a sustainable model for the future of digital experimentation.

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