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Crypto Mermaids


Nov 1, 2023

Etiene Crauss

Title of work: Hypnotize

Year produced: 2023

What do you want our readers to know about this artwork?:

This piece can have many different explanations and perspectives. What I see is the repetition of everyday life. When you get back from work, school, or whatever you were dealing with, and just crash on your bed, tired from all the noise of the external world. The repetition of the figures on the left side, to me, is the figure on the bed seeing itself walking but going nowhere, a literal reflection of herself. It’s a daydream. The painting on the wall serves as an escape, the painting itself can have many different meanings but in this context, inside the painting is her dream life, it hypnotizes and makes her blind to everything. But we will never know if she got to the end of her destination, it’s only a lapse in time.

How would you describe this artwork to someone who is blind?:

The artwork has a very bright green background. On the right, at first plane, there’s a woman lying on her back in a bed, with orange tones predominant. Two books are by the end of the bed, along with a very bright orange mantle. At second plane, there is a giant mirror and five figures walking towards an abstract paining that stands on the right side of the artwork. The figures seem hypnotized by the painting, although we can never see their full faces. Some figures have parts of them missing, like a glitch, revealing parts of the bright background behind them.

Artist Bio:

Etiene is a figurative artist from Brazil. Etiene is one of those artists who bring a retro-modern vibe along with them, while at the same time leaving the onlooker thinking about the deeper meaning of the image. With a keen eye for capturing the essence of figures in their art, Etiene's work resonates with a profound appreciation for the human form, skillfully translating it into captivating visual expressions.

Twitter username: @etienecrauss

Instagram username: @etienecrauss

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