DreamFlowMind / Revelations of Dreams

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Feb 8, 2024

DreamFlowMind / Revelations of Dreams

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I would like to get more attention about audio-visual interactive translations of our biosignals - brain waves and heart beat. Mobile neurointerfaces and cardiodevices become more available, and I see it as my mission - to show people how these devices can be used not only for medical and training purposes, but also for artistic creative expression and expanded communication. In particular, how it can be combined with modern art techniques, such as neural networks and generative models.

For more than 6 years I develop the project MindDrawPlay (www.neur0forest.art/mind-draw-play) dedicated to Art&Science and, specifically, to human brain and heart signals interpretation and translation to different audio-visual forms.

Recently, I have started 2 NFT collections about it: rarible.com/dream-flow-mind, foundation.app/collection/revelations-of-dreams. The main idea of collections is about integration of our natural waves and its expansions with so-called "Artificial Intelligence". Every work in collections contains 2 storylines. 1st - innovative animation based on stable diffusion images. ​2nd - visualization of brain waves and heart beat, and translation of both biosignals to sounds. Attention, Meditation, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma levels are estimated from EEG signal and linked to sound samples and its volumes. Heart beat is detected from ECG signal, and there is sound playing on each beat. Overall sound level impacts saturation of colors. Therefore, at the same time, you see the visual flow (always different because of animation procedure) and hear a music of brain and heart recorded during the flow. Each item in the collection has a unique signature of the moment in the mindspace flow.


rarible.com/dream-flow-mind, foundation.app/collection/revelations-of-dreams


Polygon, Ethereum

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