Darius "BakaArts"

An interview with this month's cover artist BakaArts.

Crypto Mermaids


Crypto Mermaids


Oct 11, 2023

Darius "BakaArts"

The Golden Steps: "In the heart of the wasteland, a lone adventurer stumbles upon a mystical platform. Hovering above its center, a radiant yellow cube casts an alluring glow. Surrounded by pillars etched with strange symbols and cables trailing beneath, the cube beckons closer."

Can you tell us about the project you're currently working on? What inspired you to make it, how are you making it, what do you hope it achieves?:

I'm constantly crafting a universe of my own – Etherea. It's not just a collection of random images;it's a web of meticulously woven, short, surreal sci-fi tales. This journey began on May 28th, 2019. I always aimed for something grand, something emblematic. Then, with the dawn of NFTs and CryptoArt, I realized I'd discovered the perfect canvas for its expression. Now it's evolved beyond my wildest dreams, and I can't wait to witness what the future has in store.

Let's dive deeper into a single work, share a work with us and let us know why you love it:

'Empire of One' is a showcase of my dedication to both art and storytelling. I'm really proud of how it turned out, both artistically and in terms of storytelling. It's just a taste of what I've got in store for future projects.

Empire of One - SuperRare

NFT Magazine has teamed up with the Crypto Mermaids to help more people understand and celebrate cryptoart. We find there is often a technical or cultural barrier to more people appreciating your work.  What do you wish more people understood about NFTs, crypto art, or Web3 that would also help your work be properly celebrated?:

I wish more people realized that NFTs, crypto art, and Web3 are about empowering creators. When this is understood, it helps celebrate and support the work of artists like me. In the past, digital artists lacked the opportunities that traditional artists enjoyed. It's a game-changer!

Tell us about what your creative practice looks like. When do you work, where do you feel inspired etc.:

Evening vibes for sure. That's when I am most productive. Got a series playing on my iPad or some chill lofi music in the background. Inspiration hits from everywhere – my surroundings, other artists, movie scenes, even dreams. Ideas pop into my head randomly, and I capture them with a quick note or screenshot. Catching those unexpected brainwaves, you know?

How and when did you get into NFTs?:

I saw glimpses of it pop in my feed on instagram but I really got into it when a friend messaged me on Instagram about cryptoart. I didn't know what it was but then he explained and I started planning my entry in the space. The rest is history.

How have your views on NFTs evolved since?:

The same as they were in the beginning. I am a futurist, I like tech, I am excited for the unknown future of digital art.

What are your views on "the traditional art world" and how do you relate to it, or not?:

I've got mad respect for art in all its flavors and forms. When it comes to the traditional art world, I'm pretty open-minded. We're all just fellow creators, finding our own unique ways to unleash our ideas into the world. I am a Digital Artist but if "Digital" wasn't in play, I would've 100% become a traditional artist. It is who I am and who I always will be, regardless of medium.

What are you doing to endure crypto winter?:

Nothing. I can't control it so I just keep building and try to stay afloat like everyone else in the space.

Artist Bio:

I'm Darius Puia, also known as BakaArts, a 32-year-old digital artist based in Germany. With over 17 years of experience, I've been crafting imaginative worlds that invite you to explore fascinating "possibilities" and contemplate our future. My artworks combines vibrant colors with a gritty edge, drawing inspiration from iconic sources like Akira, Matrix, Ghost in the Shell, Moebius, and Blade Runner.

My journey began on YouTube, where I shared 2D Photoshop tutorials and built a community of 150,000 subscribers, with millions of views from eager artists. I've since expanded into 3D and 2D design on Instagram and Twitter, amassing a following of over 200,000 enthusiastic supporters. You can also find my work showcased in art exhibitions, digital billboards, magazines, and various other platforms.

BakaArts Twitter

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